Dr. Russ Jepson graduated in 2009 with his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas Texas. He obtained two bachelor’s degrees while attending Parker in Anatomy as well as in Health and Wellness. Prior to chiropractic school he attended the University of Utah with studies in Exercise Kinesiology and Sports Science. 

Dr. Jepson is a chiropractic sports specialist in the area of rehabilitation and sports injuries. He is also a specialist in treating spinal disc injuries. Growing up he always had a passion for sports and thus he has spent his whole career dedicating his time and efforts with the youth sports teams, high school sports teams, working with local professionals, and mostly the beloved “weekend warrior.” He has created a great network of providers in all areas of medicine and focuses on getting you the right care no matter what. He uses many techniques in helping patients recover from all types of injuries, avoid surgery, and stay active.

Dr. Jepson is the co-founder of Austin Sports and Wellness and has been in business since 2010. His current focus is on business development, patient supervision, and creating the best patient experience.

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